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Patella Stabiliser

Patella Stabiliser

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Flexible patella stabiliser keeps the patella in the correct position. Prevents the patella from luxation. Supports sensory-motor control. C-shaped pad, which is adjusted by two separate straps. Innovative material that combines compression and breathability. Comfortable to wear. Fits excellent underneath the clothes. Can be used for left or right. For sizing measure 15cm above and below the mid patella.

XX Small 29cm - 32cm (Below), 36cm - 40cm (Above)
Extra Small 32cm - 35cm (Below), 40cm - 44cm (Above)
Small 35cm - 38cm (Below), 44cm - 48cm (Above)
Medium 38cm - 41cm (Below), 48cm - 52cm (Above)
Large  41cm - 44cm (Below), 52cm - 56cm (Above)
Extra Large 44cm - 48cm (Below), 56cm - 61cm (Above)
XX Large 48cm - 51cm (Below), 61cm - 67cm (Above)
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